The Sudmant Lab @ UC Berkeley
the sudmant lab
genomics and evolution of aging, genome structure, and cellular and organismal diversity

The objective of our research is to understand aging and genome structure in the context of evolution, adaptatation, and cellular diversity. Our lab philosophy is firmly based on the premise that science should be fun, inclusive, collaborative, and open. We express our strongest committement to anti-racism, and supporting equity, inclusion, and diversity.

The Sudmant Lab at UC Berkeley uses computational, statistical, and experimental methods to interrogate genetic and molecular phenotypic diversity at both the organismal and cellular level. We study the evolution, causes, and consequences of aging as well as the evolution of genome structure and cellular diversity.

Our commitment to anti-racism and fostering equality and diversity
We denounce racism, intolerance, injustice, and oppression of any form. We affirm that Black Lives Matter and acknowledge that racial injustice is pervasive throughout this country as well as the halls of higher education and research. We commit to actively seeking to create a supportive and respectful environment and to fight against and oppose intolerance in all aspects of our work at Berkeley and beyond. We pledge to continue to educate ourselves and to hold each other accountable. No person is free of predjudice and we view this is a statement of intent that we will strive to continuously improve, advocate, and learn with and from each other.

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