The Sudmant Lab @ UC Berkeley

We are currently recruiting postdocs, graduate students, and undergrads who are motivated and excited by genomics and computational biology! Our lab analyzes, integrates, and generates massive-scale genomic datasets, a scientific approach that leverages computational biology and statistics as well as wet-lab and high-throughput experimental methods. Persons with expertise in or a passion for these fields are encouraged to apply.

Post Doc Candidates: Please contact Peter with your CV and a brief overview of the research program / questions you are interested in pursuing in our lab. Please be prepared to provide scientific references (e.g. advisor / thesis committee members).

Graduate Students: If you are considering pursuing a PhD in our lab in the Department of Integrative Biology please contact Peter with your CV and an overview of your scientific interests. We are affiliated with the Berkeley Center for Computational Biology and their graduate program. CCB students interested in rotating should contact Peter. Interested PhD Students in other Berkeley Departments should also feel free to get in contact.

Undergraduates: We welcome motivated and hard working undergraduates. Contact Peter with your CV and a brief description of your interests and why you are interested in our lab.

To apply please contact psudmant[at]

Current Job Postings

(Note that even if you don't see a job posting in this section you are encouraged to contact Peter directly about potential opportunities)