The Sudmant Lab @ UC Berkeley
the sudmant lab
genomics and evolution of aging, genome structure, and cellular and organismal diversity

The objective of our research is to understand aging and genome structure in the context of cellular and organismal diversity and in the context of evolution and adaptation. Our lab philosophy is firmly based on the premise that science should be fun, inclusive, collaborative, and open.

Our lab uses computational, statistical, and experimental methods to interrogate genetic and molecular phenotypic diversity at both the organismal and cellular level. We study the evolution, causes, and consequences of aging in organisms with a focus on post-transcriptional gene regulation, somatic structural variants and mutations, and genetic adaption in species with varied aging phenotypes. We also study the evolution of cellular diversity using comparative genomics. We are interested in the molecular underpinnings of conserved and divergent gene regulatory programs in different tissues and cell types and how within species diversity compares to between species diversity. Other topics of interest include population genetics and primate copy number diversity.

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